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About Sonia

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Hi, my name is Sonia. I hold a degree in Health Science which helps me to combine the latest scientific research with traditional methods of treatment.  As a naturopath, I am able draw on knowledge and clinical research to deliver information in a way a patient understands to empower lasting change with their health. 


My goal is to focus on disease prevention and seek to find the root cause of the dis-ease within each individual so that the body can restore itself back to balance. I have a special interest in neuroendocrinology, a branch of biology that studies the interaction between the nervous and endocrine system. I also enjoy supporting others with mental health, nervous system support, behavioural conditions in children, reproductive health, gut function, skin conditions and cardiovascular health. 


I have a background in art and design and appreciation for architecture, so learning about geometry and the golden mean ratio and how this divine code expresses itself fractally in nature inspired my journey into different areas of study.  Gradually my interest in the application of colour psychology, geometry, and symbolism evolved into the study of the light frequency and energy medicine. I have always enjoyed working in areas that allow me to integrate my creative side with the functional application of purposeful design. In 2008 I completed my studies as an interior designer and went on to study Feng Shui with the Australian Academy of Feng Shui. 


My appreciation and interest for the human body and human experience is what motivated me to study Naturopathy in 2013. From a very early age, I developed a strong interest into the philosophies, and wisdom of ancient traditional healing systems. Aristotle said “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”, this serves as key if one wishes to require a true understanding of their nature. Self-knowledge is liberating and empowering as it allows us to understand the energy dynamics between ourselves and all living systems. Once we truly ‘know thyself’ we can be our own best healer. My goal is to assist others through their transformation back to optimal health, body, soul and mind.


I have an interest in environmental health, identifying and addressing potential health hazards that effect our everyday life such as air, mould, electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress. I believe healthy harmonisation in the home supports functional coherency within the body. There are simple and effective ways in which we can support our bodies to reconnect back to nature and restore balance in the body. 


The name ‘Syncretic’ Healing is inspired by the science of Syncretism, the bringing together of all fields of knowledge and wisdom and showing the interrelatedness of all things. I also have a passionate interest in other energetic practices such as bio feedback devices, rife, radionics, astrology, numerology and human design. If you would like to know more about my services and how I may be able to assist you can email me at

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