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2 month supply of your indicated tissue salts (according to George. W Carey) with Celloid  Mineral  Orgonite Pendant.


German physician and biochemist Dr. Wilheim H. Scheussler identified twelve inorganic minerals present in each cell.  These minerals include forms of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silica and sodium. These essential salts act as catalysts for cellular bio-chemical processes within the human body.  Schuessler proposed that illness was related to a deficiency in one or more of these twelve major mineral substances and when a deficiency is corrected normal cellular function and health is restored. 


According to George W. Carey and Inez Eudora Perrywho adapted Schuesslers ideas into a more complex system of healing explain that each of these inorganic minerals correspond in vibration to one of the twelve zodiacle signs. As the hermetic axiom “As above, so below, the human body is an epitome of the cosmos therefore the physical and energetic systems of the human body, the tissues and the organs each correspond to one of these signs.


The human embryo remains nine months within the female reproductive system and during the nine months of gestation the embryo receives and appropriates the creative energies of nine of these salts. Falling short three months of completing a solar or ‘soul’ year. The three-month space is the bridge of life and consists of a mineral base foundation.  This is the journey of the ego from the moon to the earth, or conception.  As twelve represents the circle and stands for completion, the human body will always be missing (stones in the temple) cell salts because its period of formation in the womb is only nine months.  Twelve months (12 salts) minus the nine months gestation (9 salts) leaves us with a 90°quadrant of three months where the cellular biosynthesis of these minerals were unable to manifest.


These three salts according to Carey are to be supplied after the parting of the umbilical cord. The chemical union of these bio-salts with the organic matter such as lipids, fibrin, albumin etc., forms the various tissues of the body and administers to the physiological needs as represented by the bridge. This bridging allows the cells to respond more harmoniously and completely to the divine energy.


The cell salt corresponding with the sign of the zodiac and function of the body is consumed more rapidly than all the other salt and therefore requiring an extra amount to supply the deficiency caused by the suns influence at that particular time. When someone is under emotional stress people will use up more of the cell salts associated with their Moon sign and south Node of the moon, when these minerals are depleted common symptoms experienced may be anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Identifying and supplementing with the cell salts will strengthens your moon and restore balance.


Understanding vital signs and symptoms of mineral deficiencies and knowing your planetary positions, transits etc. you will be able to identify which cell salts you need to restore optimal health and cellular function. These tissue salts can be applied to assist in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions bacterial, viral and fungal.


Common disorders that respond to the tissue salts include colds and flus, gastrointestinal upsets, slow healing wounds, skin disorders, ear and eye infections, headaches, insomnia, and irritability. The cell salts are non-toxic, 100% safe and can be used on all ages. Schuessler Cell salts (Tissue Salts) do contain a small amount of lactose so be mindful to purchase a Tissue salt spray if you are lactose intolerant.


If you would like to know more about additional minerals you may be requiring you may be interested in a naturopathic consultation. A full consult will allow a better understanding of other influences which may be impacting on your requirments such as diet, lifestlye, toxicities and genetics. Mineral deficiencys can be observed through  pysical examination of the skin, nails, iris and tongue. I also provided Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, this is a test that measures the mineral composition of your hair reflecting both the level of nutrient and toxic elements in body tissue.


As a naturopath, I believe homeopathy is one of the most potent and cost effective medicines we have in the world today.  In addition to the therapeutic benefits of orgone energy understanding the nature of piezoelectricity, collaborating mineral celloids within the orgonite structure I beleieve to be most fitting. Orgonite containing crystals which has also been imprinted with the indicated mineral frequecies required. The Pendant itself comprises of resin, crystal minerals and 3 copper tensor coils. 


Pendant Dimensions:

Diameter: 48 to 50mm

Thickness: 8 to 10mm


This is a custom made order, allow 7 to 14 days before your order is shipped.



Mineral Homeostasis with Celloid Mineral Orgonite Pendant

Pendant colour
  • When orgonite is correctly made it creates an interdimensional scalar wave vortex, this spiralling wave acts like a vacuum for environmental toxins. Orgone energy neutralises EMF by restructuring the 'chaotic' wave forms and transforming it into 'coherent' parallel lines. These frequencies become less harmful, reducing damage to our bodies cellular and energetic pathways.

    Orgone energy was discovered by Austrian psychiatrist Dr Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy in the early half of the 20thcentury. Dr Reich, while conducting his research discovered that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy.

     Orgone energy is commonly referred to as life force energy, in traditional Chinese medicine it is termed Qi, in Ayuveda and tantra it is called prana. This omni present energy was well understood by the ancient long before science validated its existence. 

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