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NAT SULP (Sodium Sulphate)

Nat sulp in a traditional mineral salt base.




Water Eliminator

Nat Sulph regulates the density of the intercellular fluids (fluids which baths the tissue cells) by eliminating excess water. This tissue salt largely controls the healthy functioning of the liver, it ensures an adequate supply of free-flowing, healthy bile, so necessary for the later stages of digestion. The removal of the chemical exchanged constantly taking place in the tissue cells, is brought about by the action of Nat Sulp. If conditions arise which allow these waste fluids to accumulate in the blood and tissues, auto-intoxication (self-poisoning) is the result. Nat Sulph ensures the disposal of these poison-charged fluids and its importance in the treatment of rheumatic ailments is therefore elf-evident. Nat Sulph is indicated in the treatment of ailments affecting the liver, e.g. biliousness. Sandy deposits in the urine, watery infiltrations, a brownish-green coating of the tongue and a bitter taste in the mouth are some of the symptoms. It is the principal remedy in the treatment of influenza, eliminating the excess of toxic fluids from the system.




Nat Sulph 6X – Schuessler Tissue Salts

    • Adults: 4 sprays 4 times daily
    • Children 1 - 11 years: 2 sprays 4 times daily
    • Infants 0 - 11 months: 1 spray 4 times
    • Acute dosage: 1 dose every 30 minutes until symptoms subside
    • Maximum 8 doses daily
  • Contains ethanol


    Lactose Free

    Homeopathic product


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